Welcome to the Koffin Korner

Welcome to The Koffin Korner. The Koffin Korner is dedicated to the most unheralded position in football. Punting is one of the most important positions in football. Punters affect field position for the opposing team’s offense and can change a game in a heart beat. This blog’s goal is to bring the latest news, statistics, and opinion to this position.

You might also ask if I have punted a football before. I have, but not very far. I’m no punting prodigy that hopes to be in the NFL one day. I’m a statistics nut who has respect for one of the most challenging and important positions on the football field.

Expect weekly rankings of punters in the NFL, punter profiles, statistics, scout reports on up and coming punters going into the NFL, interviews with punters, and much more.

The Koffin Korner

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