Punter Profile: Former Bears Punter Adam Podlesh

The second profile in this series is about a starter from last year who is now looking for a job. Adam Podlesh was the Bears punter until March 5. He was released. He was a cap casualty and quite simply, wasn’t getting the job done.

Adam Podlesh

Height: 5-11

Weight: 200 pounds

College: Maryland

Age: 30

2013 NFL stats: 68 punts, 2763 yds, 65 LNG, 40.6 AVG, 37.9 net AVG, 1 Block allowed, 11 OOB, 15 downed punts, 27 IN20, 2 TB, 25 FC, 15 returns allowed, 111 Return yards allowed

Oh Adam Podlesh… last year was disastrous. Career lows in average and net average. Net average is one of the things punters make their livings on. He’s still a free agent to date and one must wonder if he will be signed. He had some solid years with the Jaguars before coming to Chicago, but last year was bad. Podlesh deserves another chance, but punters have short leashes in the NFL. If Podlesh gets another shot, he’ll have to turn it around this year. I hope he does, but 37.9 net average…

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