Punter Profile: Bills Punter Brian Moorman

Brian Moorman is something. 38 and still going. I know punters have good longevity but 38 years old and he’s still punting into the corner of the field… Amazing. With all due respect to Brian, who is obviously doing something right if he’s still punting balls, he’s not the guy he used to be. After being cut by the Bills in 2012, he went to the Cowboys and had a awful time there. After a brief stint in Pittsburgh, Moorman’s next team would naturally be the Bills. He was with the Bills for 12 years before he was cut in 2012. A good guy who’s done it right, but he’s just not the guy he used to be. He’s close to the bottom of my rankings, but he certainly was good when he was younger.

Brian Moorman

Height: 6-0

Weight: 174

College: Pittsburg State

Age: 38

2013 NFL stats: (Note: Only played 11 games last year) 61 Punts, 2511 yds, 2234 Net yds, 62 LNG, 41.2 AVG, 36.6 Net AVG, 10 OOB, 4 DN, 16 IN20, 26 Returns allowed, 197 Return yds allowed

Moorman is a two-time pro bowler and is on the Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary team.

Brian Moorman

Brian Moorman

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