Redskins Sign Punter Blake Clingan and Bills Sign Jake Dombrowski

News in the punting world came yesterday. The Redskins signed punter Blake Clingan. The Redskins released Sav Rocca a while back and have to find a new punter. They also signed Robert Malone in January. Here’s a little info on Blake Clingan:

Clingan originally played with Lions. He was signed as a undrafted free agent last year. He went to UCF (Central Florida) and never played in the regular season last year.

Preseason Stats:

13 Punts, 41.5 AVG, 55 LNG, 6 IN20

I would think Clingan is coming in to just add some competition for Malone. Malone has more experience than Clingan, having punted in the regular season for the Jets and Buccaneers, and I would be shocked if he didn’t win the starting job. Expect Malone to win this battle.


Clingan is most likely competition for Malone. Image from

Clingan is most likely competition for Malone.
Image from


More news came when the Bills sign Jake Dombrowski. He’s also competition for Brian Moorman. Dombrowski went to Harvard and has no previous NFL experience. Expect Moorman to win this battle. Although, the Bills know Moorman is not getting any younger, I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft a punter either this year or next year.

Jake Dombrowski Image from

Jake Dombrowski
Image from


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