Punter Profile: Broncos Punter Britton Colquitt

Britton Colquitt is a prestigious member of the first family of NFL punters. Britton. Dustin, and their dad Craig all have NFL punting experience. They even have a cousin who punted in college! Britton is an interesting case. Although he owns the Broncos best career gross and net AVG record, he’s not as good when you stack him up against other punters in the league. Although, he does play with Peyton Manning so he’s not having to punt the ball much.

Age: 29

Weight: 205 lbs.

Height: 6-3

Experience: 5

College: Tennesee

2014 Stats: 65 Punts, 2893 Yds, 2559 NET Yds, 60 LNG, 44.5 AVG, 38.8 NET AVG, 1 OOB, 8 DN, 23 IN 20, 3 TB, 25 FC, 28 RET, 274 RET Yds Allowed

(To find a good breakdown of all the punters in the league, go to Bleacher Report’s “B/R NFL 1000” for a rundown of the punters in the league from 32-1! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2030491-br-nfl-1000-top-32-punters)

The Koffin Korner

Image from fansided.com

Image from fansided.com





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