Punter NFL Draft Preview

The NFL Draft kicks off in less than 48 hours. While we won’t see punters go day 1 or 2, there should be a good stock for day 3. This is your official punter preview.

Steven Clark

Steven Clark is Mel Kiper’s top punter prospect this year. He has been in the running for the Ray Guy Award for three straight years. With only five punts actually returned this year when he punted, this guy could be a future star.

College: Auburn

Height: 6’5′

Weight: 230

Projection: Day 3 pick. Don’t be surprised if a team like the Steelers go after him. They’re known for their poor punting situation right now.

Solid Day 3 Pick Image from theplainsman.com

Solid Day 3 Pick
Image from theplainsman.com


Kirby Van Der Kamp

As a punter, experience is key and Van Der Kamp has just that. He started as a true freshman and never lost the position. He holds a big 12 record of most punts and was the team captain in 2013. His experience being a captain means he can be a leader which is invaluable on a punt team.

College: Iowa State

Height: 6’3′

Weight: 202

Projection: He’s a personal favorite of mine mostly for his experience and leadership ability as a former captain. If he gets drafted, he’ll be a late day 3 pick. Accuracy is also pretty good. The only question is his leg strength.

Image from amestrib.com

Image from amestrib.com


Pat O’Donnell

He went to the University of Miami and handled punting and kickoff duties. His versatility in that regard will help him in the NFL. He had a fantastic 47.1 AVG this past year. He has good leg strength, but his ratio of punts/IN20 is not all that good. Out of 53 punts, he had 11 go IN20.

College: The U

Height: 6’5′

Weight: 220

Projection: He will most likely be an undrafted free agent in this year’s draft. He should get his chance with a team and just might impress.

Pat O'Donnell




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