Punter Profile: Bills Punter Brian Moorman

Brian Moorman is something. 38 and still going. I know punters have good longevity but 38 years old and he’s still punting into the corner of the field… Amazing. With all due respect to Brian, who is obviously doing something right if he’s still punting balls, he’s not the guy he used to be. After being cut by the Bills in 2012, he went to the Cowboys and had a awful time there. After a brief stint in Pittsburgh, Moorman’s next team would naturally be the Bills. He was with the Bills for 12 years before he was cut in 2012. A good guy who’s done it right, but he’s just not the guy he used to be. He’s close to the bottom of my rankings, but he certainly was good when he was younger.

Brian Moorman

Height: 6-0

Weight: 174

College: Pittsburg State

Age: 38

2013 NFL stats: (Note: Only played 11 games last year) 61 Punts, 2511 yds, 2234 Net yds, 62 LNG, 41.2 AVG, 36.6 Net AVG, 10 OOB, 4 DN, 16 IN20, 26 Returns allowed, 197 Return yds allowed

Moorman is a two-time pro bowler and is on the Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary team.

Brian Moorman

Brian Moorman


Punter Profile: Bengals Punter Kevin Huber

Kevin Huber is best remembered last year for getting smashed on a punt in mid-December by Steelers player Terence Garvin. Absolutely smothered. While he suffered a fractured jaw and a vertebrae fracture, Huber had a pretty good year last year. He was in the top 10 in two punter categories, net yds and longest punt. He had the longest punt in the league with a booming 75 yards last year!

Kevin Huber

Height: 6’1

Weight: 212

College: Cincinatti

Age: 28

NFL 2013 Stats: (Note: Missed last two games with fractured jaw) 66 punts, 2982 yds, 2673 Net yds, 75 LNG, 12 OOB, 5 DN, 24 IN20, 4 TB, 20 FC, 25 Returns allowed, 229 Return Yards allowed, 1 TD allowed

Huber’s a solid punter who is certainly in the top 15 punters in the league.

Kevin Huber Image from bleacherreport.com

Kevin Huber
Image from bleacherreport.com

Punter Profile: Former Bears Punter Adam Podlesh

The second profile in this series is about a starter from last year who is now looking for a job. Adam Podlesh was the Bears punter until March 5. He was released. He was a cap casualty and quite simply, wasn’t getting the job done.

Adam Podlesh

Height: 5-11

Weight: 200 pounds

College: Maryland

Age: 30

2013 NFL stats: 68 punts, 2763 yds, 65 LNG, 40.6 AVG, 37.9 net AVG, 1 Block allowed, 11 OOB, 15 downed punts, 27 IN20, 2 TB, 25 FC, 15 returns allowed, 111 Return yards allowed

Oh Adam Podlesh… last year was disastrous. Career lows in average and net average. Net average is one of the things punters make their livings on. He’s still a free agent to date and one must wonder if he will be signed. He had some solid years with the Jaguars before coming to Chicago, but last year was bad. Podlesh deserves another chance, but punters have short leashes in the NFL. If Podlesh gets another shot, he’ll have to turn it around this year. I hope he does, but 37.9 net average…

Punter Profile: 49ers Punter Andy Lee

A new series starts today: Punter Profiles. In this series, I will profile all of the starting NFL punters from last year. This means I will include their basic information and stats from last year. We start the series with 49ers punter Andy Lee.

Andy Lee

Height: 6-2

Weight: 180 pounds

College: Pittsburgh

Age: 31

2013 NFL stats: 79 punts, 3804 yds, 3294 net yds, 62 LNG, 48.2 AVG, 41.7 net AVG, 3 Out of Bounds, 8 Downed, 27 IN20, 9 touchbacks, 21 FC, 38 RET, 330 RET yds, 0 TD allowed

Lee is certainly a serviceable punter in this league. Although not a glamorous punter, he gets the job done.

Andy Lee Image from baycitizen.org

Andy Lee
Image from baycitizen.org

NFL Extra Point Preseason Experiment

The NFL is moving the extra point back to the 20 yard line for the first two preseason games. The proposed rule change was moving it to the 25 yard line. Instead of a full rule change, the NFL has decided to experiment in the first two preseason games.

This brings up an interesting conversation. While this puts more pressure on the kicker, it also puts more pressure on the field goal holder. The field goal holder is normally the punter. While some might say the holder has a relatively easy job, I would beg to differ. Try holding a ball with large defensive linemen coming at you.

While holding mistakes are rare, you do hear about them from time to time. Punters are good at holding because they obviously catch the ball every time they’re on the field. Holders now have the added pressure of being sure the hold is perfect every time in the first two preseason games because the extra point is no longer short. It’s 38 yards.

This rule is an interesting experiment. The possibilities are interesting. I don’t know if this will work, but we’ll just have to see.

The field goal holder is a very important job.  Image from wikepedia.com

The field goal holder is a very important job.
Image from wikepedia.com


Donnie Jones Resigns with Eagles

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Eagles punter Donnie Jones has resigned with the team. He signed a three year deal that can be worth 6 million dollars. Jones had a fantastic year with the Eagles posting a 40.4 net punt yard average. Wise move by the Eagles to lock up Jones for three more years.

Donnie Jones Image from philly.com

Donnie Jones
Image from philly.com

Pat Mcafee to not be Punter and Kicker

There were murmurs that Pat Mcafee could become the Colts punter and kicker. Those murmurs have officially ceased. Adam Vinatieri has resigned with the Colts. It is a two year deal. As reported previously, Pat Mcafee resigned to a 5 year contract with the Colts earlier this past week. Mcafee might not be kicking field goals anytime soon, but he’ll still be one of the best in the league at punting this year. I think he’ll be okay with that.

Pat Mcafee  Image from blacksportsonline.com

Pat Mcafee
Image from blacksportsonline.com